Workshop Week 2017

Date: Monday, July 24th until Friday, July 28th

Place: Corpus Linguistics Conference 2017, Birmingham

Topc: Different topics from Multilingual Text Analysis

Participants: Master students in Multilingual Text Analysis and Computational Linguistics

Coordinators: Prof. Marianne Hundt and PD Gerold Schneider, University of Zurich


Reading List for Workshop 2 on Monday


  • Anthony, L. (2014). AntConc (Version 3.4.4) [Computer software]. Tokyo, Japan: Waseda University. Available from

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  • Biber, D., Gray, B., & Poonpon, K. (2011). Should we use characteristics of conversation to measure grammatical complexity in L2 writing development? TESOL Quarterly, 45(1), 5-35. [available online at UZH]

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