Workshop Week 2014

Date: Monday, June 9th until Friday, June 13th 2014

Place: Centre of Computational Linguistics, Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania

Topic: Multiword Expressions in Language Technology

Participants: Master students in Multilingual Text Analysis and Computational Linguistics

Coordinator: Prof. Martin Volk and Magdalena Plamada, University of Zurich


June 9thJune 10thJune 11thJune 12thJune 13th
09.30- 10:45Introduction of the Institutes in Kaunas, Zurich & StockholmStudent presentations 1Student presentations 2Student presentations 3Company Visit in Vilnius: Tilde
11:00- 12:15 Talk: MWEs in Lithuanian (Jolanta Kovalevskaitė and Loic Boizou)Talk: MWEs in MT (Martin Volk)Talk: Introduction to MWEs and Construction Grammar (Gintarė Grigonytė)Talk: NLP in IR (Tomas Krilavičius) Tilde continued
14:00- 16:00Group Task 1: Manual Annotation of MWEs on small Parallel Treebanks (Fabienne Leuenberger)Group Task 2: Automatic Annotation of MWEs Excursion to Trakai CastleFinal Round of Discussions- open -
16:30- 17:30Reports by the groupsReports by the groupsTrakai Castle continuedDeparture to Vilnius- open -


Student presentations

Student presentations 1: MWEs in MT

  • Dolores Batinic: Evaluation of English idiomatic expressions in online MT systems
  • Julia Luchsinger:Evaluation of German idiomatic expressions in online MT systems
  • Hernani Marques: The handling of multiword expressions (French - Portuguese) in the rule - based MT system Apertium

Student presentations 2: Searching and Visualizing MWEs

  • Justina Mandravickaitė: Visualization of multiword idiomatic expressions (clichés) in the Lithuanian news portal headlines
  • Danica Pajovic: Search and annotation of French idiomatic expressions in the Text+Berg corpus

Student presentations 3: MWEs in various Languages and Applications

  • Nicolas Fischer: A comparison of multiword expressions in a parallel corpus of Old - Russian vs. Modern - Russian
  • Reto Baumgartner: A comparison of verb particles in participles of Icelandic vs. Swedish
  • Kornélia Papp: Automatic filtering of user generated text
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On your marks, set, go!
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Speaker and host Loic Boizou
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Speaker and host Jolanta Kovalevskaitė
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Speaker and organiser Gintarė Grigonytė
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Presentation by the MLTA student Danica Pajovic (UZH)
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Speaker Tomas Krilavičius
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Presentation by the MLTA student Kornélia Papp (UZH)
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Good-humoured audience
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MLTA meets Tilde
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Presentation of the group task
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Culinary delights
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Excursion to Trakai...
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...with boat trip,...
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...castle visit...
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...and group picture.