Board of Trustees

Overall responsibility for the program lies with the Board of Trustees. The Board consists of representatives from the following institutes and seminars: The Institute of Computational Linguistics, the Institute of German Studies, the Institute of Romance Studies, the Slavic Department and the English Department. One representative is head of the curriculum for two years respectively.

Prof. Dr. Martin Volk (head of program)

Martin Volk


Institute of Computational Linguistics

Andreasstrasse 15, CH-8050 Zürich
Phone +41 44 635 4317
Email volk[at]

Prof. Dr. Marianne Hundt

Marianne Hundt


English Department
Plattenstrasse 47, CH-8032 Zürich
Phone +41 44 634 3540
Email m.hundt[at]


Prof. Dr. Christa Dürscheid

Christa Dürscheid


Institute of German Studies
Schönberggasse 9, CH-8001 Zürich
Phone +41 44 63 42516
Email duerscheid[at]


Prof. Dr. Martin-Dietrich Glessgen

Martin Glessgen


Institute of Romance Studies
Zürichbergstrasse 8, CH-8032 Zürich
Phone +41 44 634 36 20
Email glessgen[at]


Prof. Dr. Barbara Sonnnenhauser

Barbara Sonnenhauser


Slavic Department
Plattenstrasse 43, CH-8032 Zürich
Phone +41 44 634 35 21
Email barbara.sonnenhauser[at]