Exkursion Herbst 2012

Do/Fr, 22./23. November 2012: Computerlinguistik am LIMSI-CNRS in Orsay (Nähe Paris)

ca. 13:00 Arrival at LIMSI. Light Lunch at LIMSI (sandwiches and salads)
14:00 LIMSI and UZH high level presentation, institution, lab., departments, activities, research themes
LIMSI: Anne Vilnat
UZH: Mandred Klenner
15:00 LIMSI and UZH presentations focused on 3 selected topics: Medical language processing, Sign Language, questions and answers and relations extraction
LIMSI: Pierre Zweigenbaum, Annelies Braffort, Brigitte Grau
UZH: Fabio Rinaldi, Sarah Ebling
17:00 Demos: Question-Answering: QAVAL (Brigitte Grau)
18:30 End of the afternoon
20:00 Dinner at Gramophone

09:30 Parallel discussion in small groups (interviews about selected articles):
Session I (sign language, Sarah Ebling): Annelies Braffort, Michael Filhol
Session II (text mining, Fabio Rinaldi): Aurélie Névéol, Pierre Zweigenbaum
Session III (misc, Klenner): Véronique Moriceau, Xavier Tannier
12:00 Lunch at Mensa
13:00 Presentation of ELRA / ELDA (Valérie Mapelli)
Presentation of Proxem (François-Régis Chaumartin)
14:45 Departure from LIMSI