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Multilinguale Textanalyse MLTA - Korpuslinguistik im Sprachvergleich

Intensivwoche 2010

  • Date: 7.-11. June 2010 Place: University of Zurich, Institute of Computational Linguistics, Binzmühlestr. 14, ZH-Oerlikon

    Topic: Name Classification and Grounding in Multilingual Corpora

    • Presentation by experts on toponym recogniton
    • Hands-on evaluation of existing name classification tools
    • Experiments on extending a name classification tool
    • Experiments with visualisation tools

    Target Audience

    • Advanced undergraduate students in Computational Linguistics
    • Master students in Computational Linguistics and Multilingual Text Analysis
    • Master students in related fields (e.g. Geography, Information Retrieval, Text Mining)
    • We can arrange for earning ECTS points.
  •  MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday
    9-12 10:00h Martin Volk : Introduction and Overview of the Text+Berg project 11:00h Reto Gubelmann: State of Programming Project on Mountain Name Recognition 11:30h Maya Bangerter: Introduction to GATE10:00h Jannik Strötgen (Uni Heidelberg): Annotating Spatio-Temporal Information 11:30h Martin Volk: Introduction to toponym annotation guidelines and evaluation 10.00h Project Work: Adapting and extending tools for name classification09:30h Pascal Sutter and Tobias Hodel (Rechtsquellenstiftung): Names in Swiss Law Sources 11:00h Ross Purves (Geography, UZH): Name recognition for geographical information retrieval 10:00h Project Work: Tools for name classification, visualisation, evaluating and documenting
    14-1714:00h Project Work: Prepare British Alpine Documents (OCR, Export Cleaning) 14:00h Project Work: GATE baseline experiments + Annotating gold standards + Evaluation 14:00h Paper Study (2 papers per Student) 14:00h Project Work: Comparing GATE for English with Named Entity Recognition for other languages (DE, FR) 14:00h Final Student Presentations incl. Literature Reviews Course Evaluation

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